Our workers are building America, contributing to America's economy and making America a great nation. While working in risky jobs on scaffolds or in law enforcement, or by working many long hours, workers pay into the Social Security system, which should assist them if they become disabled. Social Security Disability is supposed to protect our injured workers. When a worker is unable to work due to a disability, we believe they deserve our commitment, attention and respect.
If you become disabled, whether due to an injury, illness or accident, Bronnberg & Henriquez PC will help you navigate through the Social Security system to obtain your rightful benefits.
Helping You Protect Your Rights
When a worker is unable to work due to a serious illness, that worker is entitled to collect Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. The worker may also be eligible for Medicare from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSD program was created for disabled workers who have worked and earned enough credits to qualify. The SSA also administers the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. The SSI program was created for those who do not have enough credits to qualify for SSD and who are without income. SSI is a public assistance program that is directed toward the elderly and the disabled.
To obtain SSD insured status, you must have earned credits by reporting your income.
If after a hearing, the judge may deny your claim, but you can appeal to the appeals council and to the U.S. federal courts. A trained and qualified lawyer familiar with this complicated set of regulations can be crucial in determining whether you receive a favorable judgment. A lawyer is necessary to question medical consultants and vocational rehabilitation experts. You may be losing a large amount of money by not retaining a lawyer and appealing, as the alternative is simply re-filing a new application at a later date.
If You Are Disabled
If you are determined to be disabled under the guidelines, other family members may qualify for additional benefits.
These family members include:
  • Unmarried children under age 19 and in high school
  • Unmarried children if disabled before age 22
  • A spouse if caring for a child under 16 or disabled
  • A disabled widow/widower over the age of 50 (the disability must have started within seven years after spouse's death)
At the New York firm of Bronnberg & Henriquez PC, we have successfully handled hundreds of SSDI cases. Your initial consultation is absolutely free. We will only obtain a legal fee if we win your case. The fee will be 25 percent of the retroactive benefits. Additional costs for obtaining medical records must be paid for by the claimant.
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